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Notation Musician 3 (spanisch)

Get Beautiful Sheet Music from MIDI Files

Notation Musician 3 (spanisch)

Notation Software

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Get Beautiful Sheet Music from MIDI Files

Convert MIDI to Sheet Music
Musician makes it easy to download any of hundreds of thousands of MIDI files on the Internet and convert them to high quality sheet music. It's a great way to save money on sheet music, too. But the fun doesn't stop there — you can also:
  • Add lyrics to any song.
  • View and play parts for any instrument in the score.
  • Create Fake sheets, piano reductions, chord charts, and other specialty parts using the unique Part Wizard.
  • Practice your song while Musician provides the accompaniment.

Improve Your Skills
Now you can take your musical skills to a new level, by practicing your vocals or playing your instruments. You have full control over the playback while practicing. Just mute or solo any part to hear everything that's important to you. You can also:
  • Make practicing easier — set up practice loops, give yourself extra time to get your instrument ready, and catch your breath between loops.
  • Adjust the tempo to as slow as you want, for listening and practice, and increase the tempo as you get better.
  • Automatically transpose instruments, such as a Bb clarinet, horn, or alto sax, so your notation is properly displayed.
  • Use your MIDI instrument to start/stop playback, rewind, fast forward, and more.

Learn to Read Notation
Watching the notes highlight as the music plays is a natural way to make the connection between what you see and what you hear. If you've always wanted to get better at reading notation, then Musician gives you many easy ways to learn:
  • See the note names inside the noteheads to learn their placement on the staff.
  • Slow down the tempo to make sense of the rhythms.
  • Use the beat bar to see the beat during playback and use the metronome to hear the beat as well.
  • Mute or solo any instrument, so you can focus on the part that you want to learn.
  • See how the lyrics link to the notes and pitches, plus add your own lyrics.

Format and Print Parts
Musician's automatic formatting gives you great looking sheet music with no fuss. It's easy to pull out single-instrument parts and prepare many different types of parts, even from the same MIDI file. Printing is a breeze too! You can also:
  • Prepare sing-along karaoke parts, with lyrics and melody notes.
  • Create a Fakebook lead sheet, with melody and chord names.
  • Make a chord chart, giving you a simple text file of the lyrics and chord names.
  • Take a complicated song, such as an orchestral score, and reduce it to a manageable two-hand piano score, using the Piano Reduction command.
  • Use Page View at any time to see how your score will look on paper.

Compare with the bigger version Notation Composer:
Compare Notation Musician - Notation Composer

Platform support:
Notation Musician runs on Windows XP or higher.
For OS X (10.9 and higher) the free software of WineHQ is required. Please see details here.
For Ubuntu see here.
For openSUSE see here.

One license is required for each computer!

Download for FREE
Download 30-Day Spanish Trailversion

Notation Musician is also available in: German, English



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